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Productivity and Engagement Empowered by AI

Oli's People Growth Platform supercharges your organization's performance and well-being, driving better productivity, engagement and overall outcomes.

Employee Engagement

The People Growth Platform

Oli's platform uses AI and behavioral science to foster the mindset, behaviors, and skills that enable teams and individuals to flourish and achieve organizational goals.

Drive Positive Change

Set and Achieve Goals

Oli's holistic platform is designed to enhance engagement and personal growth by aligning organizational goals with employees' motivation and purpose.

Reduce Churn
Team Collab
Increase Productivity

Unlock and Empower Potential

Increase Employee Productivity

Optimize your organization's well-being by utilizing our AI Mindset Coach to increase your employees' emotional agility and resilience, because a happy employee is a more productive one.

Smart Investments
Reduce EAP Wastage

You've invested in programs and tools to support your organization, but how well do they help? Oli identifies what your employees truly care about, enabling you to make smart investments for real adoption and change.

EAP Programs

“The mental health of our employees is top of mind and a key priority at DataEQ. We really enjoy partnering with Oli to offer our team a safe and confidential space to reflect on and record their motivations and drivers which in turn better equips us to ensure our people strategy is aligned to our team's real needs. After one week of use, our team already experienced a positive increase in mood”

Samantha Howieson

Head of People, DataEQ


The Tools to Help Organizations Thrive

Remarkable Insights

Receive insights and advice about your workforce's performance and discover actions that can be taken to enhance and cultivate positive outcomes.

Ask Oli - AI

An AI Driven Data Analyst that can surface workforce patterns & trends for HR leaders to truly understand and engage employees.

Dashboard and Analytics

Understand team morale, motivations, and engage through Oli's Analytics dashboard with built-in stats and analytics to align with your organizational goals.

Respect and protect employee's data and privacy.

Oli's platform can deliver critical insights without compromising user privacy and security. Encrypted End-to-End with individuals' privacy in mind.

73% of our users said that they would use Oli if a employer offered it as a benefit 

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